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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Work to Learn; Not to Earn!"

Hello Everyone!!

Many times, when we work, we want to make a lot of money.  Most of us have worked on jobs and have not always been happy.  Either we didn't like the hours, the pay, the manager, the conditions, etc. And, some of us decided we wanted to own a business, therefore, we could be in charge and make the rules.

Sometimes, working on a job will give you the motivation needed to take the leap of faith to pursue entrepreneurship.  During the years of working at Dudley Products, Mr. Dudley would often speak about "Work to Learn, Not to Earn!"  When I first heard him announce that topic, I was looking at him like he had lost his mind!  Thinking, "no way, I have already done that!"

As he continued to speak, I realized he was referring to sweat equity, experience, and observation.  He was speaking about doing the job effectively and efficiently, while learning the business at the same time.  Paying attention to details, asking questions, making notes of the things you like and that are working to make the business successful.

He was also speaking about learning everything you can, while on a job.  And, if you were to pursue entrepreneurship, you will have learned some key pointers needed to make your business successful.  You will have the experience of being a part of a successful business.  You will not mind the sweat equity needed to be invested into embarking on entrepreneurship, because you would have done it for someone else.

After hearing Mr. Dudley speak on this topic several times, his meaning was clear to me.  Members of the Toni Love Group shared on the March 2017 conference call, examples of when they worked to learn and how it is beneficial to them now.

Lori Russell of VA was a manager of a J.C. Penney salon and now owns a business.  She shared a lot of helpful information on the conference call about the pointers she learned at J.C. Penney and it still using today. (To hear Lori, log onto

Although, everything may not be "picture perfect," where you are working today, but, go into work tomorrow with a different outlook.  The tasks you are performing now for someone else, may be the key to your success!

Create a Better Day!

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