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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is Here!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Summer is here and it is hot!!!! As I moved through May and ended the month with a great birthday and many birthday wishes. Now, the celebration period is over and it's back to work. June has started off pretty busy for me. I made it through the Premiere Show in Orlando.

I had the opportunity to hang out with an old friend from my military days.....I was assisted in my classes by a former student, Nichelle Nesbitt, who is an Industrial Engineer by trade, and pursued her passion to become a licensed cosmetologist. Nichelle is very articulate and driven, working a full-time job, owning and operating a salon, and arriving to work some mornings @ 5am. And, she attended my Hair Replacement Class in December 2010 and became a certified Hair Loss Specialist. I was so impressed with her drive and positive attitude.

I had dinner with my chemist, Dwayne Gavin and our colleague William Onyebuagu, who is also a chemist and they're both from Chicago. (William, by way of Nigeria) I'm always intriqued by these two; they are exceptionally smart and I love conversing with them and picking their brains. I learn so much listening to their excitement about the next big project. I'm intriqued and impressed by their conversation about Paris, Italy, Switzerland, London and other places they visit on a regular basis for work. (just as we would visit another state) And to hear them reminence about the time they were both in the same country and randomly bumped into each other, as if they were in their hometown of Chicago.......So Interesting!!!

My friend, Thomas, from the military mentioned he was about to register for college at age 45....he said he remembered, he thought about going when he was 39 years old and dismissed the thought, because he would be 43 when he completed the degree program. He said a friend told him, "whether you go to school or not, you're still going to be 43". (So profound!!!) Of course, now he wishes he would have gone to school earlier, but, it's NEVER too late!!!!

I had the opportunity to sit with Jim Cox, the Executive Director of American Association of Cosmetology Schools. We have been friends for years and he, along with Frank Caciatto, have been my mentors and assisted and advised me throughout my career. I saw Sandra Martin of OnRite, who is also a dear friend. Hair Shows have a tendency to bring all people from all aspects of our industry to one level for a weekend of education, motivation, and loads of fun.....

Also, just after the Premiere Show, I immediately started consulting with a new business opening on June 9, 2011. I'm excited for the management and staff as they embark upon this great opportunity.

Lastly, June has started with me learning alot from listening to and observing people. Being in the midst of "positivity" and around positive energy. If you are in a "negative", "draining" situation and the conversations have no substance, just noise......get out!!!! There's so much living to be done, so many places to see, so many things to do.....Just like summer, your life can be HOT!!!!!

Until Next Time.....
Create a Better Day!!!

Toni Love
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