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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pay Your Way!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

The Hair Loss and Business Conference was a blast!  If you missed it, mark your calendars for next year! All of the speakers were great and the feedback from the attendees was AWESOME!  They were so excited to learn new and helpful information.

The Hair Loss Certification class on the Tuesday after the conference was also great.  It was unfortunate that some people missed the conference because they failed to register BEFORE the early bird special ended. Many of them contacted me after the special was over and almost insisted on receiving the discounted price with the "threat" of NOT attending.  And, unfortunately for them, they missed valuable information.

I was told by one of my mentors, Mr. Frank Caciatto, earlier in my career, "Toni, pay your way and earn respect in this industry."  When participating in hair shows and other events, there are major costs involved in some cases.  I learned early on, pay the fees, whether it's docking fees for merchandise to be moved into the building, electrical fees for the booth, travel fees, etc. Also, when offered FREE things, sometimes, it's good to say, "No, Thank You."

If you want someone to take you serious and respect your business, you have to PAY YOUR WAY!  Stop looking for a handout and a hook-up!  I would never allow $50 or $100 stop me from receiving information that could assist me in earning thousands of dollars and even more.  Especially, when I knew about the costs 5-6 months ahead of time.

If needed, I would have saved $20 a week until I accumulated enough to pay the discounted fee.  What I have learned is, everyone is NOT serious about their business.  Some people like to hear themselves talk, but, have no plan of action.  This is the time to make plans for the upcoming year.

Start now and set aside funds for education for the upcoming year!

Create a Better Day!!

Toni Love
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