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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wigs! Wigs!!! Wigs!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

As we enter the Fall season, it's time to think about changing our clothes, the color of our clothes, our shoes, and even our HAIR!!! When you pick up a copy of September's issue of the O Magazine, Oprah is on the cover wearing a wig. Inside, she is encouraging women to explore with their hair and make changes. There are so many wigs on the market in which one can select.

Wigs come in human hair type and synthetic hair type. They come in many colors and various textures. They are: Straight, Curly, Wavy, and Kinky. They are long, medium, and short and are for full coverage or half coverage. (full wigs and half wigs) The bases (inside material)are: mesh, intergration chains, nylon, polyurathane, etc.

Wigs are perfect for a person who wants to try a new hairstyle WITHOUT altering their natural hair. For example: if a person wants to cut their hair short and want to see what it's going to look like before cutting their natural hair, they can try a short wig. The same concept can be applied for color or for someone who has short hair and wants their natural hair to grow out.

Wigs are fun, they are easy to manage and maintain. Be sure to note, a human hair wig has to be taken care of, as the natural hair. The human hair wig can be flat ironed, curled, rolled, etc., just as the natural hair. Synthetic wigs hold their shape and form. The style will not change, unless you change it. The curl pattern won't change, unless you change it. Synthetic wigs tend to be more economical. (cheaper)

As we enter Fall, get out your "Hair Box" and live a little!!!! Try something new!!! Explore your options!!!! As the weather changes, the wig can also aid in keeping your head warm. So, keep an open mind, stay warm and cute, at the same time!!!!!!

Until next time!!!!!
Toni Love
Facebook: Toni Love Cosmetology