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Friday, March 15, 2013

Learn the Business!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I am so excited about the Toni Love Group!!!  This group was formed because I receive a lot of e-mails from students and stylists asking advice and requesting me as a mentor.  I am honestly flattered and honored as this industry consist of many great professionals.

Therefore, I want to provide a global platform for like-minded people to receive the CORRECT information.  Many people in this industry are driven by the money and don't possess the passion.  Of all the successful people in this industry and others, most are driven by the love of the work.

I recently interviewed Mr. Lafayette Jones of Urban Call Magazine/SMSI-Marketing for the Toni Love Show.  He started in corporate and was recruited into the beauty industry and has made a career of marketing to it.  His story is very interesting and educational.  In the interview, he pointed out how the older company owners made sure employees understood the business.

While I was employed with Dudley Products, Mr. Dudley would stress "to be successful, you have to understand the business."  This is a segment of what is lacking because all the information is NOT provided by one source.  Not only in the beauty industry, in most professions.

Beauty school alone is not enough.  Once you finish school and receive your license, there is still a lot more work to do and in most cases, this is where people get STUCK.  Many people don't want to do the work.

One other thing I notice, many people feel they need a large business, nice car, the biggest house, the most expensive brands of clothes and shoes to be deemed successful.  It's called DEBT!!!  Also, in understanding the business, you must understand your role.

You are a "service person" providing the same styles, cuts, colors, relaxers, perms, etc. as millions of others and attempting to make a living at it.  What makes you different?  Why should people patronize you?  How do you get to the next level?  Why isn't your income increasing?  Should you own or lease?

These are questions many people in business can't answer.  I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with people to assist me in answering these questions and showing me HOW to create strategies to fit MY situation.  My plans are to share these strategies with you.  And, through our classes and the Toni Love Group, we will help create strategies to fit YOUR situation.

If you have taken the first step, you are successful!!!  Take a few more steps to become more successful!!!  And, once you learn, TELL OTHERS.....Just as I'm sharing with you....share with someone else and let's do better together!!!!

Create a Better Day!!!!

Toni Love
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