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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social Media: Good and Bad

Hello Everyone!

I would like to discuss the positive and the negative effects of social media.  I have interviewed many people pertaining to this subject matter and the feelings are "mixed" amongst the group.  I will start with the "Good," as it pertains to social media. 

Today, seemingly, the most popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  MySpace was very popular, as it is responsible for the Hip Hop artist Souljah Boy.  This young man posted his music on MySpace and became a household name.  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are responsible for the success of many people. Such as, Justin Beiber, whose mother posted a video of him on YouTube, singing and playing instruments.

Many celebrities use these outlets to connect with fans and keep them abreast of their latest projects.  Business owners use these outlets to showcase their work, contact customers, and acquire new business.  Students use these outlets to connect with friends and family. Military personnel utilize these outlets to keep in touch with their families as they travel.  Large companies and chains use them for mass marketing purposes.  And, politicians use them to get their message to the people and as an avenue to raise money for their campaigns.

Social media is good when used correctly and positively. 

Now, I want to discuss the "Bad," as it pertains to social media.  In the news, you may have heard about celebrities being stalked.  Many celebrities "tweet"  or "post" too much personal information about their daily lives.  They have the right to do it, and stalking is WRONG, as we live in a free country. But, in this situation, caution is required for safety.

Many people are getting robbed because they are "tweeting and posting" about their vacation, telling  criminals they are not home for days.  People are "tweeting and posting" throughout the day, telling the world where they are, what resturant in which they are eating, etc. A social media analyst stated, "once you share with friends on these outlets, people can share your information with whomever they like, whether you know the person or not; and, once the information is out, it's in cyberspace forever.  Therefore, people should be careful as to what they share."

One person I interviewed, shared a story of a man who vacationed and posted pictures of his trip daily, only to come home to find his cars had been stolen and his house burglarized.  A young lady who was dating a married man, who claimed he was leaving his wife, saw pictures of them dressed up preparing to go to a social function, church, etc.  She saw the new furniture and paint color throughout the house.  She even saw pictures of him with his wife, on the dates he had been with her, and wearing the same clothes. 

He and the pictures told a different story.  She realized he was selfish, manipulative, and very comfortable playing the role.  Later, when something happened in her life, she really needed him to be there, and because she didn't "sleep" with him and allow him to stay over for a few days; he didn't show up, text, e-mail, or call. 

"He's so arrogant, dumb, and comfortable, not realizing I have DIRECT access to his wife through social media," she stated.  Being a great liar, when he's caught, she feels, he already has a lie prepared to tell his wife.  Although, she has proof of the affair. She finally realized this is nothing new for him, it's his way of life.

Another young lady sent out pictures of herself in underwear, standing over a sleeping, married, famous football player. She posted the pictures online for the world to see, as well as e-mails, flight itineraries, and  personal messages.  This is NOT the first incident involving cheating being exposed through social media, it's in the news almost monthly.

Children are being bullied through social media sites.  Most of these children are not equipped to handle the pressure and they do drastic things.  Through my research, I found bullying is not limited to children, there are documented cases involving adults. 

Today, people are moving so fast.  As we go through life, we can't take others and situations for granted.  In the past, people could get away with things and the chances were "slim to none" of them being caught, but, not today, the probability is greater.  As we travel this journey, we should try to do good things and be mindful of the feelings of others.

Social media has been a blessing to many and a curse to others.  Overall, I think the "Good" outweighs the "Bad."  Because of social media, people are more informed, family and friends are staying connected, and people from all over the world can read this blog!:-)

Until Next Time!

Create a Better Day!!
Toni Love
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