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Monday, July 22, 2013

No More Shortcuts!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

As we go through life, we are faced with obstacles and challenges.  As we mature, we tend to be better equipped to handle things as they arise.  We will experience challenges in our personal life, in our business, on the job, etc.  But, usually, we learn a lesson.  Most times, we work through the issues and reach a solution.

Sometimes, we want a "shortcut," therefore, we don't have to deal with the real issues.  We look for a way out, over, or around the obstacles and challenges.  Many people go through life taking shortcuts and this trait has become a part of their persona.  When it comes to their personal lives, some people shut down, won't talk, walk away, deny and lie.  They will do anything aside from accepting responsibility for their actions. These people usually live an unfulfilled life.  They are unhappy, their souls are unsettled, and they feel incomplete.

But, yet, they are not brave enough to deal with reality and embrace the challenges and obstacles.  In business, I see it and hear it on a regular basis.  Many hair stylists are frustrated because they are not busy enough to pay their bills.  They feel like their back is against the wall and there is no way out.  They are angry and questioning their decision to enter the beauty industry.  They are blaming the economy, the "boot-leg" hairstylists, the cosmetology schools, and the beauty supply store for taking their clients.

Yet, they have NOT taken ANY continuing education classes or it's been years since they were enrolled in a class.  Or, the one class they took, they had a bad experience, therefore, they feel all continuing education classes are going to yield the same results.  These hair stylists won't equip themselves to embrace change or anything new.  They will wait until someone else learn something and share it with them at no cost!

Many will complain about the expenses involved with enrolling in a class.  But, yet, they will spend money on buying expensive furniture for the "empty" salon that is not generating business, to impress others.  They will purchase expensive, name-brand clothing, shoes, and accessories, to impress others.  They will even borrow money from financial institutions to go on exotic trips, purchase expensive cars, and jewelry to impress others.

To become successful and have healthy relationships, we have to work through our challenges and obstacles, deal with the problems and address them accordingly.  We have to invest in ourselves and NOT depend on other people to feed us information for FREE.  As professional hair stylists, attempting to go to the next level, what good is it going to do to get there and NOT know what to do when you arrive?

Shortcuts may get you there......But, knowledge will KEEP you there!

Create a Better Day!

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