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Friday, July 20, 2012

Be Still

Hello Everyone!!

We are in the heart of summer and it's a great time to re-evaluate your business and your personal life.  This is a great time to plan for fall events, like running back to school specials, Labor Day specials, tail gating parties, etc.  This is also a time to reflect on what is and not working.  We're a bit past the halfway mark of the year, so there is plenty of time to make preparations for 2013.

This is the time to plan for a New Year's promotion within the business, trend releases for fall and spring, as well as, introducing new services to the market.  It's time to define your demographics, know your client base, anazlyze your business as it pertains to the clients' needs and wants.  Gather the staff and on a personl level, the family, and discuss the new goals and ideas going forward.

In life and in business, we can have a million ideas running through our minds.  We have to realize, we can't do everything at once.  Sometimes, we have to "BE STILL" and listen to our inner thoughts.  Take time to write ideas on paper and devise a plan. 

In our personal and professional lives, we are moving fast and going nowhere.  We are not accomplishing any goals, because we haven't taken time to identify them and devise a plan of action.  Many times, we are thinking about the past and what could have been or a mistake we made and can't move forward.

This is the time to be still and quiet.  Take a piece of paper and write the "pros and cons" of your anticipated decision.  When you do this, don't make any hasty decisions, wait until you feel it in your gut and then move on it.  Therefore, it feels right and there are no regrets.

So, best wishes as you move forward and conquer your goals for the remainder of 2012!

Create a Better Day!!

Toni Love
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