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Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello Everyone!!!

I want to discuss natural hair and how to keep it healthy. Today, many people are enjoying natural hair, free from chemicals such as: straightners and relaxers. The hair is in a virgin state and can be very curly. If the curls are really tight, the hair appears to be knotted.

When the hair is natural, it needs to be shampooed and conditioned on a regular basis. It also needs to be moisturized with a hair lotion and/or leave-in conditioner. The scalp excretes natural oils, but, if the hair is really dry, some may need to apply a light scalp oil.

When wearing the hair natural, the ends need to be trimmed every four to six weeks. If you wear braids and/or dreads, be cognizant of the tension applied during these procedures. The hair will break, if pulled too tight. Some people think because it's natural, it can stand the tension.

Remember hair textures are fine, mediun, and coarse, and all of us have one or the other. Therefore, caution should be taken when wearing a style. If wearing a sew-in weave on a regular basis, keep the braided hair natural and if needed, relax around the perimeter. (the hair that is seen)

More damage is done when the hair is relaxed, braided, and sewn-in. The relaxer weakens the hair, the braiding and sewing has a lot of tension associated with it, and the weight of the commercial hair applied, is too much for the natural hair to endure. (resulting in damage and breakage)

If you have chemicals and are allowing the natural hair to grow in, clip the ends, every two to three weeks. As the virgin hair grows from the scalp, you are clipping off the chemicals and eventually, there will be a meeting place. The hair grows everyday. Therefore, clipping the ends more frequently, you will be natural before you know it.

So, remember these tips for natural hair and BE HAPPY NAPPY!!!!

(This blog was inspired by a young medical intern I spoke with about her natural hair at Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa, AL......Ms. C. Green.....It was great speaking with you and best wishes on your medical career!!!!! Be Blessed.....)

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