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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Do You Feel Like a Public Success and a Private Failure?

Hello Everyone!

I was listening to a speaker and he asked, "How many of you feel like a public success and a private failure?" And, I thought, "WOW!"  I hear from people from all over the world, many are hairstylists, who are seeking answers.  They want directions to achieving success.  They want to know the "secret."

Many are frustrated and not motivated because things are not working out as planned.  They own a business and have employees or both renters, yet, they are barely making ends meet.  They don't have an advertisement budget, they can't afford to expand their business, and they are trying not to give up on a career they love. A career that paid substantially in the past. They don't understand, "the shift."

A "shift" can happen in business and in your personal life.  Things change and people change.  Many times, people are not paying attention.  Or, they see the change happening and don't address it.  Some people are great on the job and lousy in relationships.  At work, they wear a smile and dread going home.

I have a friend who recently retired from the military.  He received some many awards and honors, most were received alone.  He served in combat and returned to the states without a wife or family to welcome him home.  He was surrounded by the soldiers he lead in combat, receiving hugs and kisses from their families.  He shared with me the loneliness he felt during this time.

When he attended his retirement ceremonies and dinners, again, he was alone.  In the public, he was very successful, but, privately, he felt like a failure.  He often speaks about being the "good guy" in relationships and opening his heart to ungrateful women.  And, how he has been a target, because of his success.

In life,  you do NOT get a "do-over."  Take inventory and do what is necessary to be happy.  Now is the time to live your BEST life!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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