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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello Everyone!!

As summer is coming to a close, it's time to think of something new, better and different.  This is the time of year to think of fall and winter promotions, including holidays.  Also, this is the time to think about personal and professional changes going into the next year.

NEW:  The fiscal year is about to come to a close.  Therefore, it's time to budget for the upcoming year. What new services will you offer clients next year?  Will there be new additions to your menu of services? Will you paint a room a new color within your business? Will you hire new staff members? What changes will you make as a leader?  Will you read a new book on business, self development, marketing, etc.?

BETTER:  This is the time of year to evaluate yourself and the business. Take inventory of yourself as well as your business practices. When evaluating yourself, be prepared to make the needed changes to improve your life.  What will you do to make yourself happier?  What will make your life better? What business practices will you change to see better results?

DIFFERENT:  During the fall and winter months, different holiday promotions are hosted by various businesses.  This is a great time to promote your business using a "theme."  Major retailers set great examples to follow, such as: furniture stores, car dealerships, Macy's and other retailers. Hosting an event for your business with a theme is a different way to promote it. Clients enjoy being a part of something new, different and exciting.  What will you do differently to set your business apart?

This is an exciting time of the year.  Be prepared to create your own reality for your business.  Take the initiative to do something new, better and different and give your clients an experience they will never forget!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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