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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Truth About Bonding Glue

Hello Everyone!!!

First, allow me to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!!!

Today, I have chosen this topic because of an experience with a student who attended a Hair Replacement class. She's a licensed cosmetologist who brought two of her clients with her to get measured for a system/unit. (hairpiece) Both ladies were bald on top and the stylist brought them to the class, because she couldn't understand why these ladies were losing their hair. She tried various methods of treatments and was to the point of sending them to a physican.

Both ladies had on commercial hair with the usage of bonding glue. I asked her to remove the commercial hair, so I could analyze the natural hair and scalp. When she was removing the commercial hair, I realized, "SHE" was the problem. She did not use bond remover, she took both ladies to the shampoo bowl and shampooed their hair, pulling and tugging the commercial hair until it was detached from the natural hair.

As you can imagine, some of the natural hair was pulled out, being the bonding glue was attached to it. After we measured both ladies for their systems/units, I noticed the build-up of bonding glue on the natural hair, that was not removed when shampooed. This stylist proceeded to add new commercial hair to the natural hair, on top of the bonding glue, left from the previous hairstyle.

At that point, I stopped her and took her to a private area. I consulted with the clients a few minutes to get a little history of their hair loss, how it affected them, their previous services, etc.
One of the clients informed me, when the stylist can't remove the glue, she cuts it out!!!! Alarmed by what I was hearing, I remained calm and assured both ladies, they would be please with their new styles.

I went to consult with the stylist, to inform her, she was the problem. These ladies had been a victim of improper removal of bonding glue. As there are alot of products on the market, there are instructions to be followed, and bonding glue should be removed with bonding glue remover.

A few tips to remember:

1. Always use bonding glue remover to release commercial hair from the natural hair. (follow manufacturer's directions)

2. Do not shampoo and pull out commercial hair.

3. Always use a conditioner after removing bonding glue to restore moisture in the hair shaft.

4. Never cut the natural hair to remove bonding glue.

5. Never bond on top of old glue.

6. Always apply bonding glue on the hair closet to the scalp, but, not on the scalp.

7. Do not use bonding glue in the same area repeatedly.

8. Give the natural hair a rest, before bonding again.

Until next time, create a better day!!!!

Toni Love
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Author: The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips to Starting a Business

Hello Everyone!!!!

Many people ask me about starting a business, but, I don't always have the answer depending on the nature of their business. If you are interested in starting a business, take your time and do your research. Find out as much as you can about the business of interest.

Another important tip, work in the industry of interest, BEFORE going into business for yourself. Then, you can observe what works and what does not work. For example: before owning a salon, I worked in my mother's salon and a few chain salons. I worked where I was paid a salary, paid on commission, and I worked in a booth rental setting.

Before opening a school, I worked at a high school, with a vocational program offering cosmetology. I worked in a private school, as well as a community college. Before I started offering continuing education classes, I worked as a Platform Artist with Sally Beauty Company and as Director of Continuing Education for Dudley Products.

One of the most important tips I would like to share, prepare a business plan and budget before starting a business. Be sure to obtain estimates from construction costs, equipment, supplies, and any other items associated with a cost. Also, if you are planning to obtain a loan from the bank, the loan officer will ask to view the business plan. It needs to be realistic and contain "Revenue Generators", (methods of generating income), or simply, "how is the business going to make money?"

If your business is going to be "non-profit" and you are seeking to obtain a grant, you need to research the process. The first step is to acquire a non-profit lawyer for assistance. Then, apply for your "non-profit" status, (501-C) with the IRS. The lawyer should assist you from this point and/or take classes pertaining to starting a non-profit business.

As a business owner, another important tip I will pass along, is to surround yourself with positive people. There are other successful business owners who will love to mentor you and give you great advice and/or suggestions. Continue to grow through education, join professional organizations within your industry and continue to take classes throughout your tenure as a business owner.

You must establish rules and regulations to govern the business by, before starting it. You must learn to manage yourself, before you can manage other people. You must practice professional ethics at all times. You must continue to study at all times, by, reading books, listening to helpful audiobooks, taking classes on marketing, management, and salesmanship.

Lastly, you must be honest, yes, you want to go into business because you love what you do, but you also go into business to MAKE A PROFIT!!!!!:-)

Until Next Time.....Create A Better Day!!!!!

Toni Love

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Men and Grooming

Hello Everyone!!!!!

My best friend, Lamon Davis, is assisting me with this blog. He reads my blog and follows my career pretty closely and suggested I write something pertaining to men. Actually, he selected the topic, "Men and Grooming". It is also safe to say, he is a contributor to this article.

After several conversations, he pointed out to me, men need help in the "grooming department". We discussed skincare, nail care, balding, thinning, as well as clothing. I found his interest in this topic and the intensity in which he spoke, very compelling. He told me how men need to pay more attention to their nails and keeping them trimmed and cleaned. And, I agree.

He also told me on another ocassion, how he cut himself shaving and left two raised scars on his face, as a result of a blade being too sharp. Therefore, men, please pay attention to the pressure being put on the razor strokes. It's not good to cut too close, remember, you can always go over the area again. Be sure, to pay attention to the direction in which you are shaving. Many men are all over the place, taking the razor in many directions on the face and neck. It's best to stroke in the same direction while shaving.

To keep the skin from being irritated, be sure to apply antiseptic and/or aftershave immediately after shaving. Lamon and I also discussed men who are losing their hair, (he usually wears a bald head) and I suggested he try a new look. When he allows his hair to grow out, it's somewhat thin on top, so I suggested he use a water-proof color comb, similar to a mascara brush and apply to the thin areas. He tried it, cutting the sides and back low, and everyone noticed something different about his look.

Some people thought he had decided to allow his hair to grow out, instead of wearing the usual bald head. Many people thought he looked younger, not knowing the color was lightly applied to the thin areas. These water-proof color combs/sticks are sold at all beauty supply stores and many discount stores and drugstores.

Lastly, as the season changes, it's time to look into wardrobe changes. Lamon told me, his challenge is not having clothes, but, finding the time to wear them, since his job plays a major role in his daily wardrobe. There are many people facing this same situation, so, my suggestion is to wear your nice clothes when you are not working. Dress up, not down, when you're off!!!!! Go to new places and attend events that will allow you the opportunity to wear those nice clothes.

During the fall and winter, wear the darker colors and mix them with "earth tones" to add lighter color, but staying in season. Men, purple is a really popular color this season, representing "Royalty", so be sure to pick up a purple scarf, sweater, tie (paisley), and/or socks this season. Dark brown is another popular color this season, so men, get your dark brown pants and a "earth tone" shirt or sweater, get those nails done, (and be sure to get them buffed for shine, if you don't like "clear " nail polish), get that fresh hair cut, and some nice cologne and enjoy the season!!!!!

And remember, if you can smell your cologne, you have on too much!!!!

Lamon, thank you so much for your input and suggestion......It's always good to have friends who are interested and concerned, Love You!!!!

Until Next Time.........

Toni Love
Author: "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wigs! Wigs!!! Wigs!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

As we enter the Fall season, it's time to think about changing our clothes, the color of our clothes, our shoes, and even our HAIR!!! When you pick up a copy of September's issue of the O Magazine, Oprah is on the cover wearing a wig. Inside, she is encouraging women to explore with their hair and make changes. There are so many wigs on the market in which one can select.

Wigs come in human hair type and synthetic hair type. They come in many colors and various textures. They are: Straight, Curly, Wavy, and Kinky. They are long, medium, and short and are for full coverage or half coverage. (full wigs and half wigs) The bases (inside material)are: mesh, intergration chains, nylon, polyurathane, etc.

Wigs are perfect for a person who wants to try a new hairstyle WITHOUT altering their natural hair. For example: if a person wants to cut their hair short and want to see what it's going to look like before cutting their natural hair, they can try a short wig. The same concept can be applied for color or for someone who has short hair and wants their natural hair to grow out.

Wigs are fun, they are easy to manage and maintain. Be sure to note, a human hair wig has to be taken care of, as the natural hair. The human hair wig can be flat ironed, curled, rolled, etc., just as the natural hair. Synthetic wigs hold their shape and form. The style will not change, unless you change it. The curl pattern won't change, unless you change it. Synthetic wigs tend to be more economical. (cheaper)

As we enter Fall, get out your "Hair Box" and live a little!!!! Try something new!!! Explore your options!!!! As the weather changes, the wig can also aid in keeping your head warm. So, keep an open mind, stay warm and cute, at the same time!!!!!!

Until next time!!!!!
Toni Love
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Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello Everyone!!!

I want to discuss natural hair and how to keep it healthy. Today, many people are enjoying natural hair, free from chemicals such as: straightners and relaxers. The hair is in a virgin state and can be very curly. If the curls are really tight, the hair appears to be knotted.

When the hair is natural, it needs to be shampooed and conditioned on a regular basis. It also needs to be moisturized with a hair lotion and/or leave-in conditioner. The scalp excretes natural oils, but, if the hair is really dry, some may need to apply a light scalp oil.

When wearing the hair natural, the ends need to be trimmed every four to six weeks. If you wear braids and/or dreads, be cognizant of the tension applied during these procedures. The hair will break, if pulled too tight. Some people think because it's natural, it can stand the tension.

Remember hair textures are fine, mediun, and coarse, and all of us have one or the other. Therefore, caution should be taken when wearing a style. If wearing a sew-in weave on a regular basis, keep the braided hair natural and if needed, relax around the perimeter. (the hair that is seen)

More damage is done when the hair is relaxed, braided, and sewn-in. The relaxer weakens the hair, the braiding and sewing has a lot of tension associated with it, and the weight of the commercial hair applied, is too much for the natural hair to endure. (resulting in damage and breakage)

If you have chemicals and are allowing the natural hair to grow in, clip the ends, every two to three weeks. As the virgin hair grows from the scalp, you are clipping off the chemicals and eventually, there will be a meeting place. The hair grows everyday. Therefore, clipping the ends more frequently, you will be natural before you know it.

So, remember these tips for natural hair and BE HAPPY NAPPY!!!!

(This blog was inspired by a young medical intern I spoke with about her natural hair at Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa, AL......Ms. C. Green.....It was great speaking with you and best wishes on your medical career!!!!! Be Blessed.....)

Toni Love, author of "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Talk Hair with Toni Love: Hair Loss: Naomi Campbell!!!!!

Let's Talk Hair with Toni Love: Hair Loss: Naomi Campbell!!!!!: "Hey ALL..... Thanks for visiting my blog!!! First, let me introduce myself....I'm Toni Love educator and published author of 'The World of..."

Hair Loss: Naomi Campbell!!!!!

Hey ALL.....

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

First, let me introduce myself....I'm Toni Love educator and published author of "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions", sold in all major bookstores......I am a licensed cosmetology and barber instructor and I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and a Master's Degree in Continuing Education and pursuing an Educational Specialist Degree.

I'm the owner of Toni Love's Training Center and I train licensed cosmetologists and barbers on advanced skills such as: salon management, haircutting, hair weaving, non-surgical hair replacement, hair color, platform artistry, and so much more!!!!! For more information about class schedules, please visit my website:

After seeing a story on Naomi Campbell's hair loss today, ( 6/29/10) I decided to start a blog to discuss hair loss and other pertinent information about hair, skin, nails, and other "industry" topics. There was a picture of Naomi's hair extensions pulled away from her face exposing her balding side areas. In the article it stated, "the hair loss was due to wearing extensions". This is true, when the commercial hair is pulling too tight onto the natural hair, (traction alopecia) or if bonded, improper removal.

In my book, I discuss "proper" application and removal techniques. Also, I discuss men hair loss and the different types of alopecia. Hair loss is very serious for those who suffer from it. It takes a VERY educated hair stylist to deal with it and offer enough solutions to their clients. As well as deal with the emotional effects of it.

Hair Loss is caused by many things such as: malnutrition, dryness, tension and tightness of braids/extensions/buns, over-processing from chemicals (color, perms, relaxers, etc.), over-conditioning, mechanical damage (flat ironing/curling too much), split ends traveling up the hair shaft-keep those ends clipped!!!!, alopeica, etc.

The solutions can vary from simply clipping the ends to as extensive as adding a customized non-surgical hair replacement system/unit.

Mark your calendars, October 10th-11th, 2010, I am hosting a Hair Loss and Business Conference for you to come and get educated on hair loss from dermatologists and get styling solutions from educated hair stylists/professionals. The price for the conference is $95.00 BEFORE September 1st, 2010.

If you are reading this, and you wear commercial hair, be sure to take care of your natural hair.

Be sure to check back for the next topic!!!!