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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do Something Different!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I was watching Oprah interview Howard Schultz of Starbucks and I was enlightened and educated, as he answered her questions.  I was educated because like many others I was shocked to find out he wasn't the founder of Starbucks.  During this interview, he told Oprah of the relationship he had with Starbucks before working with the company.

He also shared how he came from humble beginnings and was embarrassed because he grew up poor in the projects of Brooklyn, NY.  Because of his humble beginnings, he was hungry for success.  During this interview, he stressed the importance of being humble and hungry at the same time.  He believes in remaining humble while servicing your clients/customers.

One of the things discussed during the interview was identifying your purpose.  Many people are existing in life and not living.  They don't know their purpose beyond being a parent and/or going to work. In business, a lot of owners have not identified the purpose, aside from making a profit.

Many owners are afraid to do something different.  They are concerned about what others may think, they are fearful the idea won't work, they don't want to ask for help, they are surrounded by negative people who are in their circle of influence, and they are intimidated by people who are smarter.  Fear should motivate you!  I have tried many things over the years and didn't get the desired results.  Was I disappointed?  YES! Did I give up and stop trying?  NO!

You can't pretend as if things don't matter; everything matters.  In business, customer service, your skill level, appearance, character, the salon set up, the type of tools used on a client, the cleanliness of your business, all matters. People will tell you not to worry about things, especially, if the client doesn't notice.  This is not good advice.

I continued to watch the interview with Oprah and Howard Schultz and it was clear to me how his business model has been duplicated all over the world.  He wasn't too proud to ask for help,  (He even went door to door asking for help to support his idea)  and he stayed true to his core values.  He surrounded himself with people smarter who challenged him to do something different.

Lastly, do not allow anyone to tell you dreams don't come true.  Don't allow a spouse, friends, relatives, nor your parents to tell you anything different.  If you believe it, you can achieve it, but, you have to do the work!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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