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Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's 2013!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It's time to implement the plans you made last year.  Many of us took a deeper look into our lives and are trying to decide what needs to change and who needs to go.  Yes, you have to be clear.  As we embark into a new year, we have to do the same with business.  If methods and people were not working last year, there is no need to keep them around.

Now, don't give up on methods and people so easily.  Be sure you have tried everything in your power to work through it.  And, if to no avail, it's time to make a change or move in a different direction.  In life, people get comfortable and the thought of change is scary.

Sometimes, we don't know our own strength, until we are put into an uncomfortable position.  When everything is comfortable and you are not being challenged, you will not reach your best.  You become better when you have to think, using your brain to sort things out, making plans for the next phase of your life or business, and contemplating on how to become a better person.

Many times, people want to blame others for what has gone wrong in their lives or businesses.  You have to look at yourself first.  It's easy to say, "I'm not happy on my job, because of another person.  Or, I'm not happy in my life because of another person."  If you're an adult, you have choices.

You decide to stay on that job or in that stage of your life, mostly because you have gotten comfortable, things are easy, and you don't have to put forth much effort into keeping things moving along.  In business, many people will not attend Continuing Education classes to keep up with the latest trends and technology.  Therefore, they feel their business is slow, but, without years of Continuing Education, they may not offer what the consumer is requesting and have no knowledge of it.

In life, some people exist and not live. I challenge each of you reading, live life to the fullest!  Enroll in a class, (start with one) join a new organization, visit a city or country for the first time, or just do something fun!  I will start a new venture this year.

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Create a Better Day!!!

Toni Love
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