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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preparation Time!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

In September, I wrote about October, being we were preparing for our annual Hair Loss and Business Conference.  The conference was very successful and the attendees are still talking about it.  Although, the 2013 conference is eleven (11) months away, I'm already preparing for it.  I want to make it Bigger and Better than the last.

As we enter November, it's time to prepare for the new year.  The end of this year is less than two (2) months away.  This is the time to prepare a budget for next year. (Personal & Professional)  This is the time to make a list of new services to offer, get input from your staff about upcoming promotions, make the list of needed household items/projects, and set achievement goals.

The holidays are fast approaching and most people are preparing menus for their holiday dinners and some are even preparing Christmas lists, to get an early start.  Holiday parties are being planned for the offices, as well as the salons and barbershops.  Invitations are being sent out, well in advance. 

This is a great time of year.  A time to be happy and festive and be with loved ones.  The holidays are not always pleasant for some people.  Some people are alone and sad.  I say to you, get out, volunteer and make friends.  When you're feeling alone and sad, go visit the nursing homes and make a new friend.  Visit a homeless shelter and volunteer your time and service.

Prepare to do something good and worthwhile this holiday season!!!

Create a Better Day!!!
Toni Love
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