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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is YOUR business message?

Hello Everyone!!!

There are so many "messages of enticement" in the media today.  Advertising the benefits of being a part of something great!  As a business owner, you have to get a message to consumers.  The message has to tell the consumer, "what you are doing and what you want them to do."

The message needs to be short and concise.  It needs to used as the "pitch" for your business.  The message  has to make consumers want to know more.    For example:  Wendy's advertises, the "Four for $4," but, you had to go and see what four items made up the special.  McDonald's advertises the "Value Meals."  But, you have to go see which meals are for what value.

Is your message generating interest and profits?  If not, you need to change it ASAP!  The message for my business, "Don't Settle for Less, Train with the Best!"  Because we believe we give the best educational classes and seminars.  We offer detailed information and in return, our graduates get results.  Therefore,  we have proof that our training works.

Also, we have a support group to assist the graduates upon completion.  The Toni Love Membership Group.  Members have a private website, monthly conference calls and so much more.  The calls are recorded, therefore, they can return to the website and listen.  Graduates share helpful information, give testimonies and offer encouragement to each other.  The members are all across the United States and abroad.

To join this awesome group, log onto  Also, the group's website has business information.  So, if you have not established a message for your business, join the group and let us help you!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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