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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The NEXT Chapter......

Hello Everyone!!!!

As we go through life, things will happen and we won't always understand the reasons.  I have learned over the years, "nothing just happens."  Nothing is a coincidence, there is no such thing as luck, and there is not always a concrete answer for the question, "why?"  I have learned to accept these concepts and move forward.

These concepts can apply to our personal and professional lives.  Many times, we may not have the needed support or tools to accomplish the finished goal.  Over the years, I have taught high school students and adults and I've listened to them verbalize their dreams.  A lot of them, had no clue how these dreams would be fulfilled or the tools needed to make them come true.

You have to take time to "get real" with yourself.  You have to stop living the way society has deemed to be  correct.  You have to stop "pretending" and "putting on a show" for other people.  You have to stop lying about what you have and "name dropping" to impress people.  You have to stop "chasing the superiors on the job," trying to impress them, when they don't have a genuine interest in you.  At the end of the day, when you're driving in your car or at home alone, how do you feel?

Do you feel good about your life and yourself?  Do you spend time alone, conducting "self-talk," thinking of ways to improve and accepting "YOUR" reality?  Many people are married and have families and still feel alone. If this is so, it's time to make the necessary changes.  And, if you answered "no" to the previous questions, it's time to answer "yes."  It's time to make changes.  It's time to move into the "NEXT CHAPTER" of your life.

During the next chapter of your life, after "getting real with yourself," the new you will evolve.  Your direction will be clear. Big changes will occur, new career opportunities will present themselves, prestigious new positions are awaiting, and there will be a rise in income and status.  I have a friend who decided to "get real" with himself after struggling with denial and negative pressures for over twelve (12) years and today he tells me, he's clean and free.  He stepped out on faith and refuses to look back.

Don't you want to be "clean and free?"

Create a Better Day!!!

Toni Love
Author:  "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions," sold everywhere:,, etc.
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