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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February: The Month of "Love" and "Black History"

Hello Everyone!!!

As we enter the month of February, many of us think of Valentine's Day and that special someone. Love is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!! When two people can share their innermost thoughts and dreams with each other without being judged, when two people can go through good times and bad times together, when they can make a fun night out of the most simple things. Such as: sitting outside in lawn chairs listening to music, sitting in the car listening to music, driving and singing songs together, no matter how bad they sound:-). Calling each other through the day just to say "hi, now get back to work" or "I love you, goodbye". When two people can become so close, one is thinking something, the other person says it, or the two say things at the same time.

Love is when you are thinking of the person and the phone rings, or you receive a text, or a song that is dear to both of you comes on the radio at that very moment. Love is when you're working and you think of something funny, a moment shared, and you laugh out loud. Love doesn't hurt, it's suppose to feel good.

During this month, if you are in business, capatalize on the celebration of "LOVE" by running a special. Decorate an area in your business to get the clients in the mood for your "special". Discount a chemical service or, since Valentine's Day is on a Monday, have Valentine's Week in your business, where ALL services are discounted for the week and/or month.

As we use our techniques and products to serve clients, we must pay recognition to the people who introduced us to them, and, since this is Black History month, I will start with Madame C.J. Walker. Many think Madame Walker invented the pressing comb, but, she invented a "salve" to apply to the hair, in conjunction to the pressing method of hair straightening.

Madame Walker was the FIRST, self-made African-American female millionaire. In the cosmetology industry, there are many great stories of contributors who are still not recognized. One who comes to mind is Mr. S.B. Fuller, owner of Fuller Products, who had a very diverse sales team in the 50's and 60's. Mr. Fuller had over 500 sales people, men and women, black and white and during that time; a great accomplishment. He was so determined to be successful, he left his small town walking toward success, no definite plan.

Mr. Fuller was a mentor to Mr. Joe Louis Dudley, Jr., who bought his first Fuller "sales kit" with $10 and later turned it into millions. Mr. Dudley and his wife Eunice and their three children
worked out of their kitchen for years until they could afford to hire staff and salespeople. Today, Dudley Products Inc. has been in business almost 40 years. The company owns salons, a manufacturing plant, beauty schools, beauty centers, and has graduated over 25,000 licensed professionals.

There are so many other "greats" who have contributed to this industry: Mr. Johnson, Mr. McBride, Mr. Stearles, Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Joyce Williams, The Luster Family, The Bronner Family, Ms. Poro of Poro College, where Chuck Berry was a graduate, and many more. So, as we continue through this month of Love and History, take some time out of your busy schedule and visit a museum with your children, play something historic in your business, or better yet, play some love songs to relax your clients.

Thank you Carter G. Woodson for Black History Month......And thank you "Cupid", for allowing me, to experience love in my life..........

Create a Better Day!!!!!
Toni Love
Facebook: Toni Love Cosmetology
Author: "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"