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Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Defying the Urge to Quit"

Hello Everyone!!!

When I worked at Dudley Products Company, my co-worker, Marcus, would recite a poem entitled,   "Don' t Quit."  He would recite this poem with so much emotion, as if he was preaching a sermon.  He had been taught this poem as a young adult because he had a learning disability.  Later, he became a very successful salesman with the company.

Marcus has been invited to many events to tell his story.  He tells how reciting this poem has become a part of his belief system.  He also tells about embarrassing things that has happened to him during his life because of his learning disability.  He usually ends his speeches reciting the poem and encouraging people not to give up on their dreams.

Recently, I watched T.D. Jakes preach about defying the urge to quit and I thought about my life.  I thought about the things I've tried that didn't work.  I thought about past relationships, business and personal, and how I threw in the towel when things got tough.  Now, I understand, when I changed my thinking, my life took a different path.

I've come to understand, when I make a decision, I have to hold myself accountable.  I understand every plan executed will not always yield the expected results.  For example:  A person can distribute five thousand (5000) flyers and not get one customer.  If this happened, a lot of people will feel: "this is not for me," "I don't want to be self-employed," "I need a job," etc.  But, you can't give up.

You have to understand, if you take one step to help yourself, God will take two.  When things get tough, I look at myself, and ask, "What can I do differently?"  Also, before giving up, try everything possible to make it work.  If it doesn't, I walk away with no regrets.

Today, I urge students, if they love the beauty industry and are sure they want to be a part of it, take advantage of all opportunities.  I tell them to continue their education, think outside the box, don't be afraid to relocate, surround themselves with smarter people, and remain eager to learn.  Surrounding yourself with smarter and positive people is a must.

Lastly, to anyone reading this article, if you have an idea and believe it is needed in the marketplace, go for it! Your friends and family may not understand your decisions, but, do what makes you happy and DON'T QUIT!!!!

Create a Better Day!!

Toni Love
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