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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thank YOU Mr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr.!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Today, I want to take time to salute a man who helped change my life.  Mr. Joe L.Dudley, Sr. turned 80 years old this year in May.  Those of you who know him have heard the story of him turning a $10 investment into millions.

There are many more stories of his (and his family) greatness.  I had the opportunity to work for this AWESOME family business.  A business made of mostly African-Americans who were well-dressed, articulate, professional, successful and commanded respect without saying a word.

The presence of a Dudley person and the conversation was different.  As a young stylist, I saw the people from the company, dressed in their "Dudley blue," meeting before the hair shows.  And, years later, I was wearing the "Dudley blue" and attending those meetings.

Mr. Dudley and his family set the bar very high.  And, as of today, no other hair product company has been able to achieve that type of uniqueness, greatness or culture. I have a BA in Business Administration and Management, but, what I learned working at Dudley's was far beyond my college curriculum.

I have told Mr. Dudley "Thank You" so many times and I still seek his advice and counsel.  He has named me the "Madame C.J.Walker of this generation" and I humbly accept all that goes with it.  He has received numerous awards and accolades, but, I want to continue lifting him and letting the world know his contributions to the beauty industry.

Happy Birthday and Thank You~Again!:-)

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