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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Are YOU Investing?

Hello Everyone!

In any business, we have our "peaks and valleys," often referred to as our good and bad days.  Most people in the beauty industry do not understand their role.  In this industry, most are "service" people.  If you are a cosmetologist, barber, nail technician, and the like, you are a service person.  This means, in most households, the services you offer are not a part of their "core" responsibilities.

These services are NOT in most household budgets.  Therefore, when the economy shifts in a negative direction, it is felt in the industry.  Consumers start to reduce spending on anything that is NOT a necessity.  Most people wear their hairstyles longer and attempt to make their manicure or acrylic nails last, and some simply start doing their hair and nails in the home, instead of visiting a salon.  In turn, the "service person" (YOU) feel the impact of this decrease in business.

Now, the "domino effect" starts in your life.  Business is slow, you have business bills, household bills, and perhaps, children who are depending on you. And, you do not have a SOLUTION.  You must identify the problem before you can fix it!

When the economy is good, most people do not prepare for a slow period, instead, they get discouraged about it.  To prepare for the slow times, you have to INVEST.  Yes, spend time and money.  You have to invest in a plan, a strategy, and put the time into making it work.  (especially, business owners)

Remember, when you are trying to build something, it takes time.  The more you achieve in life, the LESS personal freedom.  Most people are not willing to give up personal freedom, so, they suffer and criticize others.  I heard a speaker say, "INVESTING is borrowing from your present to enhance your future."
This simply means, do the work now and reap the rewards later.

If you are reading this and you are feeling discouraged about your current situation, I say to you, "problems can be solved!"  Most times, necessity can be the "mother of invention."  When your back is against the wall, you can think of solutions and are desperate enough to try something new.  Usually, DISCOMFORT is needed to make us change!  When we are comfortable, it feels like there is no need for change.

Always remember, everyone has to finance GROWTH.  In order to grow, you have to INVEST time and money into a project, or better yet, into YOURSELF!  For example, enroll in a cosmetology related continuing education class or even a business class at the local college.  Start with one class!

No more excuses, GET UP, DRESS UP, LOOK UP, and get started today!!!!!

Lastly, the AVERAGE person has a goal; the EXCEPTIONAL person has a strategy!

Create a Better Day!!

Toni Love
Author:  "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions" (sold everywhere!)
Twitter: @tonilove205 (NOT @cosmogirl205 anymore)