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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall in LOVE with your business again!

Hello Everyone!

When ideas start flowing as to making a decision about opening a business, most of us are filled with excitement.  We feel anxious, nervous, doubtful, happy and any other emotion that can take place.  Then, the contradictory thoughts start popping into our heads.  "I know I can do it, but, what if I fail?"  "I know it's a good idea and it will work, but....."

After those thoughts, the conversations with negative people starts and afterwards, you hate you told them about your idea.  At some point, after those conversations, you decide to move forward.  All is going well and you are very busy, later, business slows down.

At this time, most people panic.  This is the time to fall in love with your business again!  This is the time to be creative and think of other ways to generate interest and income.  The joy and excitement that existed when you opened has to return.  You have to align yourself with the initial feeling you had when it was an idea.

This is the time to "self-evaluate."  Take inventory of the past twelve months, six months, and three months. The inventory should consist of:  the number of goods and services sold during this time, the income generated, the marketing strategies, and the profit and/or loss statements.

This inventory will assist you in making an informed decision, in regards to your next move.  Many business owners allow the negative emotions during slow periods to direct their decision making process.  Business decisions should never be based on personal emotions.

Once an informed decision is made and a positive attitude is displayed, along with creativity, those slow days will convert into a profitable business!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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