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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Can't Go Forward; Looking Back!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts last month.  I had a a very memorable birthday and I'm so grateful to still be here; alive and healthy!!  As we age, we are supposed to grow and expand our minds.  Sometimes in life, we get "stuck."  We get stuck on the "woulda, coulda, shoulda."  I hear people saying what they should have done or what they could have done to move forward in life.

They say it as it relates to personal and business matters.  Many times, we think about a lost love and we daydream about what could have been or a business opportunity that presented itself; and we passed on it.  But, everything happens for a reason.  The love you feel was lost, was never for you.  The job you passed on, was not for you.

I have realized where I am in my life is the right place for me.  I'm happy, I'm loved, and I'm doing what I enjoy.  And, I'm looking forward.  In life, we go through things and we reflect back and we don't realized how we made it.  Sometimes, we feel a relationship was right, even when it was wrong.

You have to envision yourself living in that dream home, driving that car, employed on that job, and being in that great relationship....whatever you heart desires, it's possible!!!  But, you can't look back.  Keep looking forward and reaching for your goals.  And, when you achieve those, set new goals.

Life is a journey and it is to be enjoyed.  Yes, you will face obstacles, personal and business, but, keep a positive attitude and stay focused.  As I continue to move through life, I will not dwell on the past.  Everything I need and desire is in front of me.

Remember, you can't go forward, looking back!!!!

Create a Better Day!
Toni Love
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