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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Men and Grooming

Hello Everyone!!!!!

My best friend, Lamon Davis, is assisting me with this blog. He reads my blog and follows my career pretty closely and suggested I write something pertaining to men. Actually, he selected the topic, "Men and Grooming". It is also safe to say, he is a contributor to this article.

After several conversations, he pointed out to me, men need help in the "grooming department". We discussed skincare, nail care, balding, thinning, as well as clothing. I found his interest in this topic and the intensity in which he spoke, very compelling. He told me how men need to pay more attention to their nails and keeping them trimmed and cleaned. And, I agree.

He also told me on another ocassion, how he cut himself shaving and left two raised scars on his face, as a result of a blade being too sharp. Therefore, men, please pay attention to the pressure being put on the razor strokes. It's not good to cut too close, remember, you can always go over the area again. Be sure, to pay attention to the direction in which you are shaving. Many men are all over the place, taking the razor in many directions on the face and neck. It's best to stroke in the same direction while shaving.

To keep the skin from being irritated, be sure to apply antiseptic and/or aftershave immediately after shaving. Lamon and I also discussed men who are losing their hair, (he usually wears a bald head) and I suggested he try a new look. When he allows his hair to grow out, it's somewhat thin on top, so I suggested he use a water-proof color comb, similar to a mascara brush and apply to the thin areas. He tried it, cutting the sides and back low, and everyone noticed something different about his look.

Some people thought he had decided to allow his hair to grow out, instead of wearing the usual bald head. Many people thought he looked younger, not knowing the color was lightly applied to the thin areas. These water-proof color combs/sticks are sold at all beauty supply stores and many discount stores and drugstores.

Lastly, as the season changes, it's time to look into wardrobe changes. Lamon told me, his challenge is not having clothes, but, finding the time to wear them, since his job plays a major role in his daily wardrobe. There are many people facing this same situation, so, my suggestion is to wear your nice clothes when you are not working. Dress up, not down, when you're off!!!!! Go to new places and attend events that will allow you the opportunity to wear those nice clothes.

During the fall and winter, wear the darker colors and mix them with "earth tones" to add lighter color, but staying in season. Men, purple is a really popular color this season, representing "Royalty", so be sure to pick up a purple scarf, sweater, tie (paisley), and/or socks this season. Dark brown is another popular color this season, so men, get your dark brown pants and a "earth tone" shirt or sweater, get those nails done, (and be sure to get them buffed for shine, if you don't like "clear " nail polish), get that fresh hair cut, and some nice cologne and enjoy the season!!!!!

And remember, if you can smell your cologne, you have on too much!!!!

Lamon, thank you so much for your input and suggestion......It's always good to have friends who are interested and concerned, Love You!!!!

Until Next Time.........

Toni Love
Author: "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"
Facebook: Toni Love Cosmetology