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Friday, June 3, 2016

You Don't Have to Struggle Your Way to Success!

Hello Everyone!!

Over the years, we have heard, "being successful comes with a price."  Many, interpret the "price" as being a struggle.  In my studies, I have discovered, a lot of successful people have a different mind set.   Successful people tend to focus on utilizing their mind more than their bodies to achieve their goals.

Most people feel the success is generated by the amount of labor they put into a task.  There is a degree of labor involved especially during the beginning stages of a business or project, but, should decrease as the success increases.

The right information is vital to starting a business or achieving a goal. Starting a business and being successful does not have to be a struggle. Obtaining the right information and having someone to hold you accountable makes a huge difference.

I receive a lot of phone calls and e-mails asking me to mentor students and professionals in the beauty industry.  After years of teaching and owning and operating a business, I decided to construct a program that will assist other professionals in achieving their career goals.

The Beauty Leaders Program

The Beauty Leaders Program is a six months professional coaching service provided by Toni Love's Training Center.  It is a one-on-one program specialized to fit your needs. First, we will discuss your professional goals and go from there. You will come to Atlanta after three months from the date you start for two (2) days and again at the end of the sixth month. Your start date begins when full payment is made by you.  And, when the start date is agreed upon by both parties.

Once your goals are established, the curriculum will be designed accordingly, using the outline on the website. There will be assignments and if I have a contact in your area, you will have local appointments, along with telephone sessions throughout the six months.  When you are here, we will have appointments with different professionals pertaining to your goals, along with other helpful activities.

Also, if job placement is needed, we will assist in that area. I look forward to you starting the program and feel free to contact me directly, if you need more information.

To register: or 770-704-7653

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