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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Beginnings

Hello Everyone!!!!

Recently, I met a man named John. I find John very intelligent, interesting, intriquing, and witty. I have observed him over the past few weeks and have learned a great deal. John is at a point in his life, he's ready for change and speaking to him, I like his approach to his decision making. He shared with me, "I can't make decisions on emotions." "I have to wait to see how I'm feeling in a few months and be sure my career stays in tact."

He acknowledges the change is needed and he wants to be happy. He shared, the life-changing decision will be the best move for him, but, he wants to be sure. John is taking time to look at all aspects of his life.

In life, as we grow, change is needed to reach a new level. Whether it's a level of happiness in our personal life or a level of success in our professional life. At some point, we have to make a decision. When I moved to Atlanta, in the "natural", it didn't make sense. I had all the things I needed in Alabama and everything was paid in full.

But, if we don't challenge ourselves and take risks, we become complacent and stop growing. Some of my friends and family couldn't see it and it didn't make sense to them, but, I saw it. The move was for me and it made me happy. Personal and professional decisions are not always supported by friends and family. Sometimes, these people are not happy in their own lives or can't move and want to hold you back. Sometimes, it's jealousy and selfishness, and not always with a malicious intent. But, because they will miss being around you.

In business, sometimes we have to change our location to attract our "target market". And, sometimes our clients will get upset, because the new location is not as convenient for them to patronize you. Or, they will miss you being in their community and the services rendered.

Change is good. Life is too short to be unhappy, lonely, and living with regrets. Also, I have learned, some opportuinites don't come a second or third time, and you have to take advantage of them when they arise. When my opportunity arose to move to Atlanta, I didn't hesitate, I knew I had to do it and it was the best move for me.

Some people are not like John, they don't take time to think about all aspects of things and the consequences involved with their decision. Some people make hasty decisions and harbor regret and resentment. As you go forward in your business and personal life, take a piece of paper and write down the "pros and cons" of your decision. If the "pros" heavily outweigh the "cons", ask your higher power for guidance, devise your "exit" plan, make your move and don't look back.

Maybe, you're in line for a blessing, trust God, and step out on faith.......Is it time for your new beginning?

Until next time......Create a Better Day!!!
Toni Love
Author: "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions"
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