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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Men Grooming Products for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!!!!

As we enter the holiday season, it's time to start shopping for gifts for loved ones. This time of year is filled with anticipation, dropping hints, and loads of expectations. In many cases, it seems as if women are easier to shop for than men.

It's simple, women love cash, jewlery, gift cards to favorite retailers, nice vehicles, accessories, etc. When shopping for men, women ponder.....Does he play golf?, Is he a sports fan?, Does he wear jewlery?, Is he a hunter?, etc. It becomes somewhat of a difficult task to shop for men.

So, I want to offer a few solutions to assist with your shopping this year. Most men have great grooming habits and to assist them this year, I want to suggest a few items I'm sure the men in your life would greatly appreciate. The Phillips Norelco Shaving and Grooming products are a "must have" for men this year!!!!

So, ladies, as you shop, be sure to search online and in the stores for the following products:

The Sensotouch 3D Shaver: this product can be used wet with foam or dry without for a great shave. It's cordless, fully washable, has a shaving head with 3 specialized tracks, coutours to every curve in the face, includes a cleaning brush, a protection cap, a 2 year warranty, and so much more!!!

The Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro: this product is the ONLY stubble trimmer with a vacuum system. The vacuum system captures the hair as it's being cut. It includes a lithium ion quick charge, a turbo power boost button for cutting and fan speed, it provides corded and cordless use, a travel lock to prevent unintentionally switching on, and so much more!!!

The Do-It-Yourself Clipper: this product is great for men who like to cut their own hair. It's perfect for hard to reach areas, it includes 180 degrees rotating heads, 20 secured length settings, it's washable, provides corded and cordless use, holds a charge for an hour, and after removing the guards, there is a precision trimmer underneath, and so much more!!!!
And, ladies, if you cut you honey's hair or the children, the usage of this clipper is very simple!

So, as your are "pondering" over what to get the men in your life, just think of the sparkle in their eyes and the smile on their faces, as they open their gift and see one of these great products!! I'm sure you will feel proud knowing they received a gift they will use and appreciate this Christmas.

For more information on the Phillips Norelco Products, be sure to visit:

Have a great holiday season!!!!

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