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Monday, February 6, 2017

Love and History!

Hello Everyone!!

February has been deemed the month of LOVE!  Before January ends, we start to see the color red and heart-shaped boxes throughout the shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.  The 14th is the day to express our love to our sweethearts a little bit more than usual.  Lovers feel joyous, yet, anxious.  Proposals will happen, announcements will be made, and flowers will be delivered.

Love is a beautiful thing.  The feeling of knowing someone else loves you is great!  The security of being protected and having another person being concerned about your well-being is priceless.  The laughter shared between lovers, the comfort of being yourself and allowing your guards to come down can be refreshing. Valentine's Day reminds us that being in love is okay.  Being in love should be celebrated on a special day.

February is also a month to celebrate the achievements of many great African-Americans and/or black people, who have contributed so much to our society.

Many are unknown or "Hidden Figures," as the movie title suggests.  The movie that tells the story of three amazing African American female mathematicians who were very instrumental in assisting with getting a man to the moon.  And, there are so many others who we do not hear or read about in the history books.

Thank goodness for technology, because today, we can research and find out more about these great people of color who contributed to American history.  Movies like Hidden Figures, 42, Roots, To Sir, With Love and others can assist with aiding all people with a better understanding of the African-American heritage.

I remember being given a book entitled, "The Color Purple," when I was a teenager.  The book later became a movie and I remember the excitement of seeing what I read come to life before me. Watching the movie as a teen, I was not mature enough to understand the various messages that was meant to be conveyed. Watching it again as adult, I clearly understood the messages.

The early exposure to African-American history through books, documentaries and movies was great for me. Now, it's time we are all exposed to the contributions made by so many great people.  Let's get started TODAY!

Create a Better Day!

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