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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Process of Setting Goals

Hello Everyone!

The process of goal setting can be life changing.  Many people set goals with high hopes of getting them accomplished within a certain time.  Once the time passes and the goal is not achieved, many get discouraged and give up.

People who are super-achievers make a relentless commitment to constant learn.  They have clear goals expressed in a crafted document detailing their plans.  These are serious people seeking results.  But, be reminded, people with average intelligence have achieved greatness by understanding the skill of goal setting.

There different types of goals:  short term goal and long term goals.  Some would go a step further and say, "unrealistic and realistic goals."  When setting goals, you must be clear on what you are seeking.  Things will not be accessible, until your thoughts are focused and directed.  Also, the mind has to see it and you have to believe it is possible.

Some reasons goal setting can fail:

1.  Most people make a "wish list" and cross their fingers.  There is no plan of action.

2.  Your ideas are not clear.  Your goals must be crystal clear.

3.  You are all TALK.  You do not have a strategy in place, nor do you have the resources.

4.  You do not have a "Management System."  You do not have a system to keep you on track.

5.  You are lacking reinforcement.  You lack the support and/or guidance needed along the way.

When you have announced your goals to others, you need someone to hold you accountable and to "call you out!"  Also, you need someone to give you encouragement.  When working toward something positive, you may face obstacles and challenges.  Therefore, a support system is important.

We are in the first quarter of 2015, this is an awesome time for setting new goals!

Create a Better Day!

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