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Monday, July 11, 2011

Leadership Isn't Easy!!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

As many of you know, I've been self-employed over the last nine (9) years, and believe me, it's a constant learning experience. I heard someone say, "Where there are people, there are problems and where there are problems, there are people."Therefore, having an understanding of people will help you. Most effective leaders, don't make decisions on emotions. Follow the news, those who do, get in trouble......

Most effective leaders have what I like to call, a "Master Mind Group." (At least, this is what I call my group.) All of these people are much smarter than me. They have experienced some of the things and/or similar things I am going through, as I grow and develop. They offer a wealth of knowledge and don't tell me what I WANT to hear, but, what I need to hear about the topics of discussion. These people are very successful and have obtained millions and billions of dollars, being in leadership positions. They challenge me.......

If you are the smartest person in your salon, on your staff, at your plant (in your position), in your barbershop, at your carwash, mechanic shop, law enforcement office, etc.; and you're the leader or the person in charge, your business or organization is in trouble.

In leadership, you can't be afraid to ASK FOR HELP!!! Let go of your pride, stop being embarrassed, stop losing money, and stop pretending all is great. But, before asking for help, be sure to have a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish and be sure you can articulate it to people. They need to "see it" and/or understand the concept BEFORE they give advice or invest their money. People don't want to waste money or time.

Deshaun Bullard of Nouritress Products and I have seen each other over the years at hair shows. Today, she has her products in J.C. Penney and is in negotiations with Target. As a positive leader in our industry, she has given me a wealth of information to use as I launch the Toni Love's Hair Cleansing System. She gave me information pertaining to marketing and positioning the products, as well as how to get the products overseas. Her products are in Africa and England too. A leader reaches back and helps others.

As a leader, you have to be prepared to face criticism, scrutiny, jealousy, as well as competition within your own organization and/or business. Many people who work alongside you, don't really like you and will leave you, only to compete with you, feeling they can do it better......And, the good leader controls his/her emotions, stays focused, and keeps it moving........

I love hearing stories of great leaders and business people: Jack Welch, John H. Johnson, S.B. Fuller, Daymond John, Frank Caciatto, Mary Kay, Stan Pate, Madame C.J. Walker and many more. They had humble beginnings, whether it was asking friends and family for support and/or money, or having enough courage to ask a stranger to believe in their vision and help.

Leadership is powerful and somewhat of an obligation. You have the opportunity to impact many lives. Therefore, be true to yourself, don't compromise your integrity, follow the rules, and don't worry about who doesn't like you. As a leader, when you walk into the office, plant, salon, shop, etc., and everyone stops talking, go in your office and smile, because you have earned their respect!:-)

Until Next Time.....
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