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Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Time to Move!

Hello Everyone!!!

The new year is here and it's time to move!  Many refer to February as the month of LOVE and others think of Black History Month.  Therefore, I will address both topics.  LOVE, for starters, is my last name!:-)  It's a very unique last name and I try to exemplify it with my actions.  I love my God, family, friends, and career.  When you have LOVE in your life, it promotes better attitudes and health.  Being I'm a Christian, when you have the love of God (and/or any other higher being in which YOU believe in), even stressful situations feel easy.

LOVE makes you want to move and make things happen!  It makes you feel as if all things are possible.   The LOVE of your clients and the look on their faces when they appreciate your services, should make you feel great!  When my students and former students tell me they LOVE me, it makes me want to work harder.  When you LOVE your business, it makes you want to keep it clean, upbeat, and positive.

The LOVE of a companion, spouse and family enables you to have a safe haven in which to return.  To be encouraged and supported by the person you love is priceless!  If you haven't told anyone you LOVE them, try it TODAY!

The LOVE of our history is equally important. We have to know where we came from in order to know where we're going in life.  Black History Month to me, is EVERY month.  And, it should be for ALL ethnic groups.  We have a lot of black people who have contributed to our country on many levels.  We have to recognize and be truthful about our past and move in a positive direction.

A few months back, I watched "ROOTS" for the first time, since I was a child.  As we know, the great Alex Haley wrote the book about his research of his ancestors.  I learned so much this time, because I wasn't mature enough to understand it when I was a child.  Also, the "times" were different and most people focused only on the "RACIAL" aspect of it.

One of the interesting things I learned, there were Scottish slaves here before African slaves, according to the story.  But, because they were white, when they escaped and dressed up, slave owners couldn't identify them as slaves.  Being most slave owners were business people, these escapees were affecting production of crops and other manual labor. Since some of them were already trading in Africa, purchasing alcohol, tobacco, and other things, someone had the idea of attempting to bring Africans to this country to do manual labor.

And, if they tried to escape, they could be identified, unlike the Scottish slaves. I learned so much and I realized, initially, it was more of a business decision, than a hatred of a ethnic group.  Because in actuality, many slave owners had no experience with Africans. Was it right?  Of course, NOT!!!

As mentioned, this is one thing I learned and wanted to share.  And, there is so much more.  Today, we have to move forward.  We're living in ever-changing times and in order to keep up, you have to receive the proper information.  Hence, leads me to tell you about two (2) new avenues I have provided to keep you informed with updated information.

1.  The Toni Love Show on Atlanta's Jazz Station (91.9 FM)  Listen ANYTIME from ANYWHERE by logging on to

2.  The Toni Love Group:  An exclusive "private" membership site for professionals. The mission is to keep you educated, informed, and enlighten.  The group is for ANYONE, not only beauty professionals.  Visit to join today!

Get moving in your personal AND professional lives!!!

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