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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Truth About Bonding Glue

Hello Everyone!!!

First, allow me to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!!!!

Today, I have chosen this topic because of an experience with a student who attended a Hair Replacement class. She's a licensed cosmetologist who brought two of her clients with her to get measured for a system/unit. (hairpiece) Both ladies were bald on top and the stylist brought them to the class, because she couldn't understand why these ladies were losing their hair. She tried various methods of treatments and was to the point of sending them to a physican.

Both ladies had on commercial hair with the usage of bonding glue. I asked her to remove the commercial hair, so I could analyze the natural hair and scalp. When she was removing the commercial hair, I realized, "SHE" was the problem. She did not use bond remover, she took both ladies to the shampoo bowl and shampooed their hair, pulling and tugging the commercial hair until it was detached from the natural hair.

As you can imagine, some of the natural hair was pulled out, being the bonding glue was attached to it. After we measured both ladies for their systems/units, I noticed the build-up of bonding glue on the natural hair, that was not removed when shampooed. This stylist proceeded to add new commercial hair to the natural hair, on top of the bonding glue, left from the previous hairstyle.

At that point, I stopped her and took her to a private area. I consulted with the clients a few minutes to get a little history of their hair loss, how it affected them, their previous services, etc.
One of the clients informed me, when the stylist can't remove the glue, she cuts it out!!!! Alarmed by what I was hearing, I remained calm and assured both ladies, they would be please with their new styles.

I went to consult with the stylist, to inform her, she was the problem. These ladies had been a victim of improper removal of bonding glue. As there are alot of products on the market, there are instructions to be followed, and bonding glue should be removed with bonding glue remover.

A few tips to remember:

1. Always use bonding glue remover to release commercial hair from the natural hair. (follow manufacturer's directions)

2. Do not shampoo and pull out commercial hair.

3. Always use a conditioner after removing bonding glue to restore moisture in the hair shaft.

4. Never cut the natural hair to remove bonding glue.

5. Never bond on top of old glue.

6. Always apply bonding glue on the hair closet to the scalp, but, not on the scalp.

7. Do not use bonding glue in the same area repeatedly.

8. Give the natural hair a rest, before bonding again.

Until next time, create a better day!!!!

Toni Love
Facebook: Toni Love Cosmetology
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