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Monday, June 1, 2015

Clean Up! Dress Up! Follow Up!

Hello Everyone!!

I was reminded of a speech I delivered to a group of ladies entering the workforce after some hardships. These ladies were so excited and anxious about life.  They wanted to have a good life, despite their hardships.  Most of them had never written a resume' and it had been years since they filled out a job application.

One of the things I told them was to clean up.  Cleaning up includes some of the following: doing your hair, make-up, and caring for your fingernails.  Be sure the hair is somewhat conservative depending on the job you are seeking or the business you are handling at the time.  The make-up should be for day wear.  The colors should be more natural and not too bold and bright.  The nails should be polished naturally or with a basic color without the designs and multi-colors.

When taking care of business or seeking a job.  You must dress up.  First impressions are everything.  The colors of your outfit should not be loud and gaudy.  The fit should be appropriate and the proper undergarments should be worn to create a smooth silhouette.

Lastly, you must follow-up.  A lot of people do not get the job or the business deal because they fail to follow-up.  If the person doesn't contact you, call them and remind them of your interest.  Send a note thanking them for their time.  Do not make assumptions.  If you are not contacted in a day or so, don't assume they are not interested.  Maybe, they are busy working on something else and need a reminder.

You have to want success bad enough.  In your personal and professional life.  Remember, persistence breaks down resistance.  Ask for it, believe it, and receive it!

Create a Better Day!

Toni Love
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