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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wisdom Brings Joy!

Hello Everyone!

Wisdom has been defined as "the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise." Many times, people make decisions in their personal and professional lives without using wisdom.  These decisions can be due to not wanting to hurt the feelings of a loved one or not wanting to disagree with authority on a job. Afterwards, the feelings of regret starts to flow throughout the body.

New business owners tend to rely on information of others when making important decisions.  Sometimes, the information they receive does not fit their business model, but, they do it anyway.  Making a decision that is not wise. In the beauty industry, people tend to see something working for another business owner and it sparks their curiosity.  Then, that owner will change their business model without thinking about it.

They tend to act first, without making an informed decision.  They see the advertisement on social media, the owner may be driving a luxury vehicle and wearing name brand clothes. And, a decision is made to change the original business model, based on an assumption.

It is very important to make wise decisions in our personal and professional lives.  Many people are in marriages and relationships and are not happy.  They feel is it wise to stay because of various reasons and complain about the relationship to others. Just as, people stay on jobs and are not fulfilled or happy. They stay because they may be comfortable or too scared to leave or too lazy to try and get another one.

In relationships, people stay because of kids, monetary reasons, etc. Yet, they are not truly happy. Both situations need to be analyzed on an individual basis before deciding the wise thing to do.  But, life is too short not to use wisdom and be happy.  Wisdom brings joy!

Create a Better Day!

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