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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Having Money vs. Having Class!

Hello Everyone!

There is a misconception about the perception of wealth.  Many people feel they can purchase expensive homes, cars, name brand clothing and they are wealthy.  Feeling wealthy and living wealthy is very different. Depending on the level of poverty, the feeling of wealth can vary from person to person.

In some situations, a mobile home can make someone feel wealthy.  Others may feel a two-story home signifies wealth and the driver of a Rolls Royce may have the same feeling.  Therefore, the feeling of wealth and success is different per person. People want different things based on their experiences.

Therefore, it's not good to measure your success by other people, because you don't know where or how they got started.  There is a misconception of class.  Class is not purchased, it is a learned behavior that usually starts in the home.  Class is indicated by mannerisms, etiquette, and character.

Many believe, if a person has money, the individual has class too.  This is not true.  There are indicators of class within each of us.  The way a person hold their eating utensils, regular table manners, following the host of a dinner, eating the food and then drink.  Many drink as they eat.

People with class do not "name drop" designer clothing brands, names of cars, designer handbags, etc. Because, it is the "norm," it's not new, it's a way of life.  Being wealthy is an acquired way of life for some and others were born into it.  Thus, the phrase was coined, "old money vs. new money."

However, many have a desire to acquire wealth, but, not having class keeps them out of certain circles. Wealth can be acquired without having class, but, the circle of friends and associates are usually limited to the same people you were around when you were in poverty.

Class is the key to bridge the gap.  Having class will assist in getting a person in certain social circles to make the proper connections.  As the year ends. set attainable goals and self-project.  If you want to attain wealth or acquire more class.  Enroll in business and/or etiquette classes in 2017!

It's never too late to make a positive change!  Happy Holidays!

Create a Better Day!
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