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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Making the RIGHT Connections

Hello Everyone!

As we go through life, we meet a lot of people along the way.  Sometimes, it's hard to know who has your best interest at heart.  People come on scene in your life for many reasons.  Some come to bring something positive, others come with negativity, and many come to take.

I talk to a lot of people during the months and I hear very interesting stories.  Great testimonies of how God sent someone into their lives to deliver a blessing.  Or, because of a meeting through another person, a blessing was received and others of such nature.

I also hear the opposite of these testimonies.  The ones that include people being taken advantage of in their efforts to help someone else.  For example, I have heard stories of stylists giving people jobs and the same people take from them or come to work with a motive.

I often tell my students, relationships (business or personal) are similar to bank transactions.  One person can't make all the deposits while the other person continuously withdraws.  The account will be empty and the person making the deposits will be very unhappy.

Making the right connection is very important.  Be sure your inner circle is filled with people who are just as smart or smarter than you.  Be sure they bring positive energy to your life.  Being happy is a wonderful feeling and being around people who are fun and upbeat, makes you feel better.

Happiness can be contagious, if you are around it on a continuous basis.  Of course, we all have bad days and don't feel so good.  But, when you have positive people around during those times, they make it easier to endure.

Connecting with the right people can lead to better business results, a fulfilled personal life, positive social connections and so much more.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Attend an event in your city and meet people of like minds and from different ethnic groups.

Prepare TODAY for TOMORROW!  

Create a better day!

Toni Love
Author:  The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions (Sold Everywhere!)
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