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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Understanding Your "Brand".......

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope this is a better year. And, as you grow in your business, you will make new decisions, target new markets, create new environments, etc. The new decisions can be made as to "how" you conduct your business. The things you will change or modify to increase your business.

Targeting new markets is always fun and interesting, as you learn "why" you need to do it and "how" will you do it. Each year should bring a change. If you are not accepting debit and credit cards in your business, this may be the year to do it. If you are extending credit to clients and they are not appreciative enough to pay you, this may be the year to stop it. These are the decisions you may need to make in regards to "how" you continue to conduct business.

I heard a speaker say, "there is pain in change," some people are afraid of the unknown, so they continue in a way, in which, they are comfortable. Even if it's NOT lucrative and/or productive.

Many people in business DO NOT understand "branding." In order to have a successful business, you have to understand your brand. For example: Toni Love is a brand. Most people know the Toni Love brand for Cosmetology, Education, and Weaving. Your brand should be real, authentic, consistent, and ever-evolving as time goes on.

For example: the Toni Love brand started as a licensed cosmetologist, who developed a large clientele while working behind the chair. Then, a licensed cosmetology instructor, a platform artist, a published author, a International Educator, a school owner, a supplier of educational dvds, and now a product owner. (see All of these areas of interest evolved from being a licensed cosmetologist.

Also, I have always identified "my nucleus/my core" and stayed true to it. Many people want to do so many things and they become known for several things or never become known for anything of significance. For example: When you think Oprah, you think "Talk Show Host," Martha Stewart is known for being "Crafty," Richard Simmons is known for exercise and he ALWAYS looks like his brand. Everytime you see him, he's usually wearing the stripped shorts or some type of exercise attire.

When people see you, your brand should be represented; be it business, sexy, contemporary, etc. To build your brand faster and consistently, you must have exposure! Today, because of social media websites and other avenues, it is very easy to get some exposure. But, of course to get major exposure, you will have to spend some money. But, again, it depends on your brand and what you have to offer the market.

So, starting this month, take time to do some "soul searching"......identify what you like to do, identify the market that could benefit from your services, ask yourself, are you really targeting the right market? And, if you are thinking about expanding your market or changing, ask yourself, "why?"

Remember, EVERYONE is a brand, now ask yourself, "WHAT ARE YOU REPRESENTING?"

Create a Better Year!!!
Toni Love
Author: "The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions" (now sold @
Twitter: @cosmogirl205
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